Computer Lab

The school houses a state of the art computer lab which is internet savvy and trains pupils in the latest hardware and software requirements. The machines are constantly updated to keep pace with the changing demand of time. The lab is fully equipped to assist students in their projects.

School Library

The school library is spacious, well stocked and well furnished. The library has latest and informative books on various subjects. These include various textbooks, reference books on various subjects and books like Encyclopedia, Atlases, and Dictionaries. The library subscribes to many daily newspapers, which includes English and Hindi as well. It also subscribes to magazines for the students.

Infact, the library at MGM as centre of gaining knowledge helps the students make full use of it to enhance their knowledge and increase their ability.

Students in Practical Class


Access to laboratories and experiences of inquiry have long been recongnized as important aspects of school science. Laboratory experiences and experiments are the core of the science learning process. Science in the laboratory helps the holistic development of their conceptual understanding. laboratories are well settled for teaching and learning science.

With this purpose the school has full pledged laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology 


The ample facilities and space for sports allow the students to express themselves in activities. The expert professionals train the students in their chosen sport. The school conducts a summer sports camp to provide the students with additional time and specialized attention to sports.

MGM School Building With Buses


The daily commute between MGM School and the children’s homes is stress free, comfortable and above all quite safe. All this is ensured by the efficient transport department of MGM. It has a spacious parking area for the upkeep and parking of the school buses and other vehicles.